EW Nutrition

PROBENA SL is the distributor in Spain of this German laboratory, with a wide range of novel and effective products manufactured with natural sources.

EASY@FC System

In order to provide additives or supplements to animals, it is commonly used two possibilities by mixing the products in manufacturing plants or by dosing the products in drinking water.

EW Nutrition combines the positive characteristics of both systems into one.

Easy@ dispenses additives or supplements in feed with high precision. The dosing system has been developed to use in farms and it allows dosing flexibility to serve the poultry requirements.

Moreover, Easy @ is easy to use. The farmer does not need to calculate and prepare a premix or solution to obtain the correct dose for the animal.

The EASY@ dispenser can be easily installable by the farmer and the kit contains everything necessary

There are several products compatible for this system:

  • Stimuvital® Appetizer Liquid: complementary feed for laying hens to stimulate appetite. It is applied directly on the chain feeder through the EASY@FC system.
  • Stimuvital® Hepatonic Liquid: complementary feed with hepatoprotective effects for laying hens. It is applied directly on the chain feeder through the EASY@FC system

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Exclusive GLOBIGEN LINE is based on the use of egg immunoglobulines (IgY) with higher properties than those in mammals, higher molecular weight and a different structure leading to a quick intestinal colonization and a greater ability to fix pathogens.

This concept makes these products very useful at critical stages in the animal life, especially from birth when the immune protection is minimal, and against digestive diseases acting as a support for an insufficient intake of colostrums, essential to develop its first immunity.

Advantages: better average daily gain, conversion rate, less treatments against diarrhea and definitely higher profitability.

Products and presentations available

Pig Doser

Preparation especially adapted for new-born piglets containing vital ingredients as egg immunoglobulins, probiotics and vitamins.

Lamb Doser

Preparation especially adapted for new-born lambs with dosing applicator.

Calf  Paste

Preparation especially adapted for new-born calves with dosing syringes.


Ruminant colostrum enhancer in powder presentation to mix with water or milk.


Electrolytes, energy and vitamins to control calf diarrhea in a preventive or therapeutic way.


Egg in concentrated powder presentation to incorporate into the milk or milk replacer.

Line of farm specialties

Activo líquido

It uses the synergies of selected secondary plant compounds and with organic acids. Activo Líquido offers the optimal combination of natural ingredients to maximize the productive efficiency without antibiotics. It is a liquid presentation to use in poultry through the drinking water.

Shell Improver

Liquid feed to improve the quality of the eggshell and strengthen the laying hen skeletons.

Grippozon 285

Liquid feed with a mixture of essential oils to improve the air quality in the warehouse and consequently the breathing capacity of the animals through the drinking water or nebulization in poultry, swine and ruminants.