Evencit® Quality is a concentrated citrus extract noting their natural antioxidants (Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and Polyphenols). The inclusion in feed allows the animals to benefit their positive effects translated into a better immune-sanitary response and a marked increase in the quality of meat.

PROBENA does not offer alternatives to antibiotics…. PROBENA offers natural products to promote the health and immune status of the animals. Having healthy animals, it is easier to abandon antibiotics, reducing the time production and getting better the quality of the final product.

Evencit composition allows animals to improve the intake and feed efficiency, thus being able to observe a good development of their natural immunity and an improvement in the productions quality (meat, eggs, milk…)…. acting always in harmony with nature.


At this time, several studies have proved the activity of Vitamin C bound to Citrus Bioflavonoids. Although Vitamin C is produced by the animals, an extra intake in animal feed promotes productive improvements.

Bringing animal physiology to the limit in order to obtain maximum production requires very specific feed rations, careful genetic evolution and an appropriate management.

Pressure on systems such as the immune or reproductive systems has revealed the oxidative stress that causes the appearance of diseases and the lack of productive efficiency on animals. The concept of oxidative stress includes all those metabolic processes that are deviated from physiology by an excess of free radicals which appear as a consequence of that productive pressure or as a deficit of antioxidants to neutralize them.

The animal has its own antioxidants under normal conditions, but the requirements of a livestock animal are higher than normal. We can act through the feed, providing adequate amounts of biomolecular or metabolic antioxidant groups to help the animals to cope with his free radical damage. This way, the immune system can be protected, stress is reduced, and the animal welfare and the quality of production can be improved.

Finally, the natural product action on animal feed is very much appreciated. The experience with certain extracts of natural origin, has achieved the goal of improving the final quality of meat products, delaying oxidation and maintaining its optimal appearance, thereby extending its lifespan to the consumer.

EVENCIT® Quality is a source of natural antioxidants, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and citrus Polyphenols, which allows animals to take advantage of the benefits of these substances through the feed.

Evencit® Quality is manufactured by the Brazilian company Química Natural Brasileira. Ltda. (QUINABRA), under strict quality controls, with the application of GMP standards in all the processes of obtaining raw materials, manufacturing and conservation of its products.

Evencit specifications

  • Certified as Insumo Green to organic production.
  • Evencit is safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It does not leave polluting residues, being 100% biodegradable and free of undesirable substances.
  • Evencit can be used in animal feed until the slaughter.
  • Evencit is stable to variations of pH, light and high temperatures (until 120ºC).
  • Evencit is suitable for products commonly used in animal nutrition. It enhances the acidifying activity.
  • Evencit maximizes the animal production, improving the intake and nutritional efficacy.
  • Because of its concentrated composition (Citrus Bioflavonoids and vitamin C), Evencit provides metabolic antioxidants that protect the natural immunity and reduce stress factors.
  • Evencit improves remarkably the meat quality and other productions.
  • The traceability of the product is available by an analytic method to determinate its presence in feed.

Instructions and species destination

Evencit is a functional feed ingredient to apply in specific formulation in animal feed. It can be added in combination with other products, noting its synergetic action with organic acids and other plant extracts, particularly in young animals.

Evencit can be added in all animal species feed.

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Evencit® Quality Powder

Powder product, indicated to its incorporation in premixes and all animal species feed.

Bags of 20 kg.

Evencit® p.f.

Excipient presentation, 20% of Evencit® Quality Powder to incorporate in all animal species feed.

Bags of 20 kg.