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Evencit Quality is a citrus extract, rich in natural antioxidants (Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and polyphenols), when applied in feed, it allows animals to take advantage of its beneficial effects, to obtain a better immune-response and a significant rise of the meat quality.

“In recent years a series of scientific work has been done to demonstrate that in feed there are small concentrations of some compounds that are not absolutely necessary to maintain the physiology, but they can be absorbed and utilized by the animals, producing an interesting physiological function.

With some frequency the scientific data suggests that the there is a relation between the ingestion of moderate quantities of wine, beer and many foods with determined parameters related to the development of some degenerative diseases, or the potential benefit of consuming certain vegetable products (garlic, rosemary, sage, tea, tomato, citrus fruit, etc.)

The evidence is of practical interest from these type of compounds is their foundation as spices for cooking, the use of plants and extracts for therapeutic, etc., but the use in food has a scientific foundation that is known in more detail”.

Clemente López Bote Prologue of “Biomolecular Antioxidants in Animal Nutrition”. 2002

While Vitamin C is produced by our animals, but an extra contribution in feed gets productivity improvements. However, other plant low molecular weight and secondary metabolites remain to be fully investigated. In recent years there have been several scientific studies on such compounds reporting beneficial health effects in animal metabolism, even at low levels. A fascinating example of this type of natural antioxidants are the BIOFLAVONOIDS. Currently, there are available studies that show, for example, the activity of vitamin C linked to citrus Bioflavonoids.

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To work in the edge of animal physiology for maximum production requires very specific feed formulae, refined genetic evolution and management accordingly.

The productive pressure on systems such as the immune or the reproductive has revealed that the oxidative stress causes on the occurrence of animal diseases and lack of productive efficiency. This concept of oxidative stress includes those metabolic processes that are deflected physiology by excess of free radicals appearing due to the high performances required or the deficit of antioxidants that neutralize them.

Animals have its own antioxidants in physiological conditions, but if a productive effort higher than normal is required, we can act through feeding, providing appropriate metabolic antioxidants that help to animals. On this way you can protect the immune system, to reduce stress and promoting animal welfare to improve the quantity and quality of the productions.

In the latter case, it is highly appreciated the performance of animal feed that can be done with natural products. Experiences with certain natural extracts, has managed to improve the final quality of meat products, delaying its oxidation while maintaining their optimum appearance, thereby extending their useful life consumer.

Manufactured by QUINABRA (Química Natural Brasileira. Ltda.) under strict quality controls as G.M.P. standard, in all process: raw material, manufacturing and storage.

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1. It's from Natural Origin, Organic, non toxic and non corrosive Ecological and 100% Biodegradable. It is free of undesirable substances.

2. It's very stable at light, pH alterations, high temperatures (till 120ºC.) and it maintains its efficacy in the presence of organic material.

3. It has no usage restrictions, no withdrawal period, and can be administered to animals up until slaughter.

4. It's compatible with all usual feed compounds. It's synergistic with acidifiers.

5. It improves feed intake, the animals have better profitability.

6. It contains the Bioflavonoids and the Vitamin C from the Citrus fruits which contribute, as metabolic antioxidants, to protect the natural immune response and to reduce the stress effect.

7. It improves the meat quality and other productions.

8. There is a method of analysis to determinate Evencit concentration in premixes and feed.

EVENCIT Quality is a technical product for use in animal nutrition formulae, alone or in combination with other products, mainly with organic acids because of its special synergism.

EVENCIT Quality is intended for use in feed of all animal species.

There are several efficacy trials available for who is interested, ask us for it.

Evencit® Quality powder

Concentrated powder presentation for premix inclusion, It is intended to use in feed for all animal species.

Packing of 20 kg.

Evencit® p.f.

20% excipiented Evencit Quality powder, to use in feed of all animal species.

Packing in Bags of 20 kg.